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Hello There! I have always been intrigued with taking a design and bringing it to life, and then, well, when you add in the whole ‘love’ aspect…I’m all in!! I love, love and design. There is something almost whimsical about being able to fuse the two together and watch it all happen from behind the scenes. I guess you can say I would consider myself to be the fairy god-mother to my brides (It’s the Disney movie lover in me). If I had to name my style, I’d call it, ‘Chic Glamour’. I am a wife, mom, lover of design, who wants nothing more than to bring serenity to couples on their special day!

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This is the day you always dreamed of, the day you have always imagined.  Your wedding day, and the days leading up to your big day should not be hectic. It should be one of the most beautiful days in you and your fiance's life.  Please allow me to step in and be the buffer to help relieve your stress.  Share your dreams with me and let me bring them to life while adding a little magic to your big day!!!  We offer a comprehensive wedding menu which includes: Full service planning to à la carte  services to fit your wedding needs. Call today to book us for your wedding!

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Wedding singer/guitarist

Adrian Michael provides live music for ceremonies and receptions. Services range from small solo cocktail settings, to full band dance music. Each production is tailor-made to the client’s specifications, to ensure a memorable experience on your special day! 


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Que Ewing - Owner of multi media production company. Que has created a team of unique individuals that specialize in all things digital,from videography , photography, marketing advertising and branding! His service is not only great but returned in a timely manner.


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