Erika & Ilja 5.6.17 A Backyard Wedding

Sometimes people cross our path that leave a lasting impact on our lives forever. When I first met Erika and her fiance Ilja at their Sugarland home, it felt like we were family. They are the absolute sweetest couple I've had the pleasure to marry. Erika is in the Army and Ilja works in Corporate America. They knew they would be moving soon but not sure where. Originally they were to be married in July 2017 but they discovered they were pregnant and moved the date up a couple of months. They shared the pregnancy news with all of their family and friends and they wanted me to mention their unborn baby during the ceremony and include a blessing for the pregnancy. It was the most beautiful sentiment.

We talked for about an hour while eating fruit that Erika prepared and drinking Pepsi! 

They used my Wedding Vows 101 to help them write their vows to each other.  

Erika is another bride who did everything on her own. When I tell you this lady had all of her t's crossed and her i's dotted. She didn't miss anything. When I arrived at the home, I went to her dressing room to say hello like I always do. She was finishing up with her hair and makeup. You could see the twinkle in her eye. Oh and I met Ilja in the driveway when I arrived. I almost missed him. He had his hair done LOL and looked totally different. 

The live vocalist was absolutely amazing. If I every throw a party, I'm hiring him (Adrian Michael at Erika also rented a port-o-potty so the guests would not be in and out of her home to use the restroom. I really liked that idea a lot. It was very clean too. 

Unfortunately Ilja's mother could not attend. She lives in Germany but they skyped the entire ceremony for her to see live. Ilja's sister was there from Germany though and she was a pleasure. 

Five Star Review

"Mrs. Handy was simply amazing! She met with us prior to the wedding date to go novel our expectations, and she gave us great advice for our future. She assisted us in writting our vows and was very attentive our ceremony requests. My husband and I are of mixed race and faith and hit many roadblocks finding a pastor. Mrs. Handy's attributes and talents were so eclectic and unique, that we were highly pleased!!! I will definitely reccomended her without hesitation."