Greg & Taszia 4.8.17 A Traditional Wedding Ceremony

I met with Greg & Taszia about two months before their wedding. They had a lot of great questions for me. When we met they felt strongly about  including their son in the ceremony but they weren't sure exactly how to do it. They considered a candle lighting ceremony, a sand ceremony or a a wooden box ceremony. Due to the son's age, they ultimately opted to leave him out of the ceremony but I did include him in the customized marriage script I created for them. 

My thoughts on children in weddings:

I love to see children in weddings. They're cute and dressed up and add an element of joy and laughter to the ceremony. On the flip side, depending on the age of the child(ren), they can be very unpredictable when it's show time. Even if they do everything perfectly at the rehearsal, be prepared for the unexpected if you have small children in your wedding. 

Greg & Taszia's wedding was so beautiful. It was held at the Golf Club of Cinco Ranch in Katy, Texas. It was another outdoor wedding and it was scorching hot hunny! They wanted a very Traditional Wedding Ceremony and they wrote their own vows to each other. 

This surprised me..

After I pronounced Greg & Taszia husband and wife I waited for them to exit and lead to recessional. I kept hearing someone say, "the broom, the broom." Next thing I new the maid of honor grabbed a broom that was tucked away somewhere and Greg & Taszia jumped the broom! Wait...What? Why didn't I know this ahead of time. The act of jumping the broom has so much history that I would have loved to share with their family and friends. Even though I always touch bases with the couple 2 - 3 before the wedding and I ask if there are any changes, in this case I was not informed of any changes. It all worked out as I stood to the side so they could jump. LOL.