Ricardo & Michelle 3.18.17 - A Non-Religious Wedding Ceremony

Ricardo & Michelle were married at Oak Tree Manor in Spring, Texas on 3.18.17. The Oak Tree Manor is a very cute and quaint Bed & Breakfast Venue. 

I remember speaking with Michelle over the phone and she was just so excited. Of course I was excited also. When she told me she was making her entrance on a song by Nina Simone and they would exit on a song by Erika Badu I was like YES! This is going to be amazing. And it absolutely was amazing. 

They wrote their own vows to each other and did a ring exchange. They also had a family member read a poem about love in Spanish and then we did a moment of silence for Michelle's parents who are deceased. 

Something unique...

Before the ceremony started, Michelle's maid of honor did a special cleansing or purification of the area where the ceremony was actually held. She had a small bouquet of lavender and sage flowers that she lit with a match causing the flowers to smoke. She waived the bouguet around the ceremony area to cleanse the area. Afterwards, we got started. This ceremony was less than 15 minutes. 

Five Star Review

"Kim was exceptional the day of our wedding! She was patient and understanding during the planning process and her pricing was very reasonable. I appreciated her willingness to have a moment of silence for our loved ones during the ceremony. Thanks Kim! We will definitely recommend your services to our family and friends!"