Does a local news anchor count as a local celebrity? It does to me!

It’s been a dream of mine to eventually become a Celebrity Wedding Officiant. I love the “high society” atmosphere and it also amazes me to see just how “ordinary” celebrities are. After all, their just people. I’ve never been start struck or the groupie type but when I get my first call to officiate a celebrity wedding I’m going to scream, I just know it. Well, as I continue to meditate on that vision I came close recently officiating a celebrity. You may not think so but I think it’s the closest I’ve come to date.

Sara and Michael002.jpg

I got a call from a young lady who wanted to hire me immediately to perform her elopement. I love elopements by the way. My husband and I eloped for our own reasons and I’m always curious to hear reasons why people elope.  Anyway I had less than a two weeks notice but I was available. There was something that stood out about this bride as we were talking on the phone. She was very sure of what she wanted, she knew how the process works and she didn’t have many questions for me. She was actually in control of the conversation, so I listened and answered the few questions she did have for me. I would say she’s the Alpha Female type – nothing wrong with that. This was different. She gave me her email address and there it was…my confirmation - she’s on television daily. I could tell from her email address. I googled her name and discovered she’s local news anchor right here in Houston. I don’t want to reveal her name because she did elope and has not made her marriage public. I was so excited. I thought to myself, is a news anchor similar to a celebrity? To you it may not be, but to me I was like, oh my goodness, she’s on television and I would consider her a local television personality.

Sara and Michael001.jpg

When I arrived at the location, I met her fiancé and his three cousins. We talked, laughed, got to know each other, had wine and cheese and it was like meeting old friends. I watched the proposal on the cell phone video and it was so beautiful. She was totally surprised. We waited for the sun to go down, went out back on the small deck and they were married. We had a group toast, took some casual photos and went back inside when the mosquitos started biting us. So the ceremony started at sundown which was around 8pm and I promise I didn’t’ leave until close to 10pm! We had an absolute blast. We talked about everything, laughed at three types of cake had more wine and cheese and the couple did their first dance to Ella Fitzgerald – YouTube was playing on the television.

I had the best time!