Should church weddings be free if you're a member?

I never thought this would be an issue. Where I come from, if you're a member of a church and your'e getting married in that church, you don't pay a fee. However, you are asked to give an honorarium to the minister. 


Well apparently this is the old way of doing things. Some churches are simply conducting business when they are charging couples to use the church for the marriage ceremony. I've seen prices in the $200 - $825 range for couples who are church members. What does the $825 include? Here's the breakdown:

Deposit (refundable)= $100
Facility fee= $250
Wedding coordinator provided by the church (required)= $150
Sound tech for up to 3 hrs = $50
Officiating pastor honorarium= $200 for members
Event worker for 5 hrs (Optional, but includes setup, clean up, etc)= $75

So what do you think? Does this sound reasonable or even fair? If you're a member and you pay your tithes and offerings should you have to pay to get married. What about funerals? I know that's another subject. But it's a thought. 


Notice there is no musician included so if you want any type of music you would have to hire a musician. Some churches require your choice of music be approved or they provide you a list of approved songs. 

Many brides sounded off on this topic. Some were told they only have to pay for the space which would be around $250 but they had to pay additional for musicians, set up, clean up, minister, etc. 


With this in mind, would you still opt to get married in a church that you are a member of and they want you to pay several hundred dollars or would you choose a wedding type of venue without the limitations that come with a church wedding?