The Surprise Wedding No One Knew About

The surprise wedding no one knew about...

Hello Hello! 

I wanted to stop by real quick to share with you a unique wedding I did today. These wedding plans have been in the works for awhile and today, 8.11.18 was the BIG day! At exactly 11:15am CST I married a beautiful coupe in a modern, French-American restaurant bar and bakery - LaTable. The private room upstairs was simple and cozy. The guests, approximately 28, sat and watched the wedding ceremony while sitting at a long conference room style table. All cameras and mobile devices were in full effect the entire time LOL.

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As each guest arrived, they were given a single red rose. The red rose was then given to the bride (who was mingling in the room). These roses were used to "build" the bridal bouquet. I stood right outside the room since I didn't know any of the guests and I didn't want anyone to ask, "Who are you, how do you know X and X?" I didn't want to give the surprise away.  My que to start the ceremony was when the groom approached the bride and began to tie a long red ribbon around all of the roses the bride had collected from each guest. Of course I incorporated a Red Rose Ceremony to explain the significance of the red rose and the symbolism associated with each guests. 

The couple wanted the ceremony to start on time - which it did and they wanted it to be short and to the point. We were done in less than 15 minutes.

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Have I told you how much I LOVE restaurant weddings! 

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